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Friend-of-the-blog, Richard Ward, the president of the New Eastside Association of Residents tells us and everyone else on his mailing list that Maggie Daley Park  (337 East Randolph Street) will be open to the public January 5, 2015.  This is a soft opening. It’s like an out-of-town preview.  Which means, yes you will be able to enjoy the activities, but no, there won’t be a ribbon cutting with politicians and fireworks and dancing girls.

Earlier this year we intimated that there was no way MDP was going to open in “Fall 2014,” as anticipated by the Chicago Park District.  The Park District disagreed and an e-mail from its Assistant Press Secretary insisted “Park will be open Mid-December 2014. Peanut Park will re-open in 2015.”

Those of you with calendars will note that we’re on the cusp and “Mid-December,” with “late December” arguably 13 days away, and “2015” following close behind.

Mr. Ward has a magnificent bird’s-eye view of the multi-million dollar park and reports that workers began spraying water on the much-anticipated ice skating ribbon this past Friday.

He also notes that much to the joy of those who like to lay in the grass, and the anger of those who like to play with their dogs in the grass, Maggie Daley Park will be verboten to pooches.

We also learned a day ago that the park district will be enforcing a no dog prohibition (even dogs on a leash) similar to Millennium Park for the last 10 years. This will cover all of Maggie Daley Park, including the Cancer Survivors Garden and adjacent walkways and all of the Peanut Park area.

The Park District is moving into the renovated former Richard J. Daley Fieldhouse this week, and has put out flyers touting the various activities the park will offer. But note that while it invites people to “Join us for the grand opening of Maggie Daley Park,” the document lacks a specific time or date.

Keep your eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.  When we know something, you’ll know something.

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