Chicago Neverbuilt: Episode 2 — Streeterville’s Sexiest Skyscraper

319 East Illinois drawing

319 East Illinois drawing courtesy of SCB

Our Chicago Neverbuilt series continues to celebrate the work of great architects that, for one reason or another, failed to make the transition from imagination to reality.

While the majority of our Neverbuilt projects are from the history books, this one is a fairly recently cancelled project.

This was a skyscraper designed for a big-name New York financial conglomerate by friends-of-the-blog Solomon Cordwell Buenz. It was going to rise at 319 East Illinois Street, immediately north of the shiny new Loews Hotel tower, also designed by SCB.

Why this super sexy skyscraper never became reality is one of those secrets of the boardroom and we’ll never know why it didn’t come to fruition. But perhaps somewhere down the road some developer will take a shine to the design and the curvy wonder might rise after all.

Location: 319 East Illinois Street, Streeterville

319 East Illinois drawing

319 East Illinois drawing courtesy of SCB



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  1. This design is too expired to be built now, but it would be a great compliment to the Loews.

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  2. So this was at least the second design for this site that never got built, both by SCB? I take it this design came after the linked residential building? This seems like a weird-ish place for an office tower to go. It wouldn’t be unprecedented with the building on the other side of the AMC theaters being an office building, and the hospital further north. However, the area is most certainly residential over anything else. Office is the exception, not the rule, in Streeterville.

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    • Editor

      This design is very new, and was discarded only a few months ago. But it’s not an office tower, it’s residential. Look closely at the cut-outs in the building’s skin and you can see those are balconies in there behind the glass.

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  3. This time I wish they could have went ahead and built it-

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