Candy Cranes: The Lights are on but No One’s Home

200 North Michigan Christmas lights

Nobody is home yet at 200 North Michigan, the 41-story residential tower under construction at its eponymous address.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not decorated for Christmas.  Loop Spy Daniel was burning the midnight oil at the Illinois Center yesterday and sent in this photo of the 200 North Michigan tower crane all festooned with Christmas lights.

The lights are both pretty, and pretty terrifying.  Imagine being the guy who crawled all the way out to either end of that giant jib attaching string after string of lights to the frame. Let’s hope he used the kind of lights that if one goes out the rest stay on.

We managed to get this exclusive picture of the light stringer turning on his creation:


“The little lights… they aren’t twinkling., Clark.”

200 North Michigan Christmas lights

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