A Touch of New York Approved for Streeterville

Today the Chicago Plan Commission breathed new life into the city’s skyline by approving the construction of 451 East Grand. The 65-story residential tower is being developed by friends-of-the-blog, Related Midwest, which is the Midwest outpost of New York’s Related Companies.

Drawing of 451 East Grand, courtesy of Robert A.M. Stern Associates

Drawing of 451 East Grand, courtesy of Robert A.M. Stern Associates

The skyscraper destined for a plot of land near the lake’s edge in Streeterville was designed by New York architecture heavyweight Robert A.M. Stern Associates. The design is a significant departure from 90% of the residential skyscrapers built in Chicago in the last decade.

Instead of following the Chicago cliche of putting a tall box on a squat parking podium, the New Yorkers are putting together something a little more 30 Rock-ish, with more than half-a-dozen setbacks in an updated version of the iconic Rockefeller Center massing.

The Chicago building will have 350 residences, and comes with a promise to redevelop the lackluster public park immediately to its east. ¬†Related Midwest will also kick $3 million into the city’s affordable housing fund, rather than build any affordable housing units into the tower.


Location: 451 East Grand Avenue, Streeterville


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