Smoking Hot Model: Wolf Point West

Wolf Point West model - 001a

The first of three skyscrapers is rising at Wolf Point, the über-visible promontory intruding upon the confluence of the Main and North branches of the Chicago River.

As Wolf Point West (350 North Orleans Street) takes shape on the city’s riverfront,  it’s getting easier and easier to imagine how the tower will look when it’s done.  But if you can’t wait until it’s done, step with us into the studios of friends-of-the-blog, bKL Architecture.  That’s where you’ll find this smoking hot model of Wolf Point West.  The model also features a completed River Point (444 West Lake Street), giving you an idea of how they relate to each other in terms of height.

Wolf Point West model - 002a

Location: 350 North Orleans Street, River North


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  1. The model is awesome this time and I think the tower should have been built. I think the remaining site will require a type of
    pinnacle structure unlike those 2 other towers planned. They are actually basically modest. Understanding Hong Kong actually would help in understanding the types of towers needed. In general developers built narrow on creativity here because the city sets its tone as conservative but certain areas need time resilient solutions- heck Willis Tower is hardly a building to pay close attention to much these days.

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