Coveted New Row Houses Coming to Downtown Chicago

Drawing of 111 West Chestnut

You don’t have to be a real estate broker to know that townhouses and graystones in downtown Chicago are among the most highly-desired properties in the midwest.  Just watch a few of the seemingly hundreds of episodes of House Hunters on HGTV and you’ll see dozens of aspirational 20- and 30-something couples lusting after  historic-looking, small-scale urban dwellings in the heart of the city.  Of course, with scarcity comes price pressure, so few are able to buy their dream homes and end up in Ravenswood, North Center, or beyond.

But a few more opportunities may soon open up on tony West Chestnut Street.

A company called Chestnut Row Homes LLC wants to build 10 brand new three-story multi-family townhouses on the corner of Clark and Chestnut, just east of the 37-story 121 West Chestnut tower, and its shorter neighbor, 119 West Chestnut.

The condo boards of both of those buildings have signed off on the plan and sent endorsements to the city saying it’s okie dokie to them for ten new homes to go up, along with a passel of private and public parking pads.

We don’t normally do stories about buildings this small, but it’s not every day that new rowhouses go up in the heart of  downtown Chicago, especially right next to a huge skyscraper. Currently the space at 111 West Chestnut is just a vacant lot.  Unfortunately, this plan will only develop the northern half of that vacant space.

Drawings from architecture firm Booth Hansen show seven stoops and seven bay windows facing Chestnut Street to the north, and an additional three bay windows facing east over North Clark Street.

Just the facts, ma’am:

  • Developer: Chestnut Row Homes, LLC
  • Architecture firm: Booth Hansen
  • Address: 111 West Chestnut Street
  • Neighborhood: Near North
  • Residences: 10
  • Maximum height: 44 feet
  • Resident parking spaces: at least 12
  • Other parking spaces: up to six
  • Gross site size: 28,284 square feet
  • Net site size: 15,154 square feet
  • Permitted floor area ratio: 0.777 (Zoning: PD313)
  • Green roof alert! 2,739 square feet for all buildings combined

Location: 111 West Chestnut Street, Near North

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