410 East Grand Is Go For Launch


If you’ve been looking at the muddy, snowy, machinery-strewn lot at the corner of Grand and McClurg in Streeterville wondering when a skyscraper is going to sprout, the answer is: Now.

Rendering of 410 East Grand, courtesy of SCBThe city of Chicago has issued a permit to begin construction on the 45-story residential tower, more than four years after the project was approved.  The Chicago Architecture Blog‘s Daniel Schell was there just days ago, and took the photographs you see of foundation work.  Now that the permit for the rest of the building has been granted, look for sky to start being scraped any day now.

But it may not be the skyscraper you remember.  In August of 2014 the city OK’ed a request to nix the office portion of the project.  At the same time, the number of residences was increased by 50.   But the height hasn’t changed.

Since it’s been so long since this building was approved, here are the stats to bring you up to speed:

  • Developer: GHB 630 LLC
  • For realsies: Golub
  • Architecture firm: Friends-of-the-blog, SCB
  • Floors: 45
  • Height: 486 feet
  • Residences: 540
  • Parking spaces: 290
  • Bicycle parking: 50 spaces
  • Loading docks: 4
  • First amenity deck height: 92 feet
  • Second amenity deck height: 445 feet
  • Podium height: 105 feet
  • Maximum floor area ratio: 12
  • Green roof alert! 18,150 square feet

Location: 410 East Grand Avenue, Streeterville

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