Construction Update
River Point Starting to Grow

River Point under construction

River Point under construction

River Point (444 West Lake Street) is starting to take off.  The future 52-story skyscraper’s concrete core has reached about level nine, according to the photograph sent in this morning by Fulton River District Spy Mike.  When finished, the tower hard against North Canal Street will climb 730 feet into the sky, gazing directly down the main channel of the Chicago River.

In exchange for the sunsets that used to be visible from the heart of the city, the city will get another broad link in the Chicago Riverwalk system.  At this time, it’s an orphan, but when 150 North Riverside is completed across the street, there will be a contiguous pathway along the river from West Fulton Street down to West Jackson Boulevard.

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Location: 444 West Lake Street, Fulton River District

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