Construction Update
The Pickup Artist working State and Elm

4 East Elm Street under construction

If you like to go people-watching at Viagra Triangle, once the weather warms up, you’ll have something else besides beautiful people and supercars to keep your eye entertained.  A glance to the north will be greeted by a tall, thin, steely pickup artist working the corner of State and Elm.  It’s a tower crane.

The Chicago Architecture Blog’s Daniel Schell rushed by Rush Street the other day to check on the progress of 4 East Elm, which will soon become the Gold Coast’s most exclusive residential tower.  How exclusive?  Try just 35 homes in a 27-story building, some of them up to 6,600 square feet in size.  Whether you lean towards Rogaine and gold chains, or shoes from Jimmy Choo, that’s plenty of space for entertaining.

4 East Elm was designed by friends-of-the-blog, SCB, and the tower crane you see in Mr. Schell’s pictures will help it rise 335 feet over one of the city’s venerable entertainment districts.  And this tower’s beauty is more than just a facade.  It’s  an athlete, having to straddle the CTA’s Red Line subway tunnel which clatters deep below the surface.  The skyscraper is expected to open in early 2016.

Location: 4 East Elm Street, Gold Coast


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