Construction Update
The New Kid on the Block Working Hard to Fit In

Rees House

Six months ago, an historic South Loop home spent two days as Chicago’s media darling because it did something that few homes ever do: It changed its address. The Rees House was hefted onto a massive dolly and ever-so-gently rolled down the street from 2110 South Prairie Avenue to its new, and current, home at 2017 South Prairie Avenue.

It was an event that had something for everyone — big construction machines, police barricades, and crowds of gapers discussing the history of the building and wagering on whether it would arrive safely.

Today, the Rees House is still settling in to its new neighborhood.  Our Daniel Schell tiptoed by yesterday and took these pictures showing there’s still lots of construction work going on.  Most of it appears to be, not surprisingly, foundation work.

Location: 2017 South Prairie Avenue, Prairie Avenue District

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