151 North Franklin Forging Ahead, Could Break Ground This Fall

Future location of 151 North Franklin, currently a Walgreens, a surface parking lot, and a Chinese restaurant.

Future location of 151 North Franklin


The 151 North Franklin brochure in all its squircle glory

The 151 North Franklin brochure in all its squircle glory

Remember that great big blue skyscraper that the John Buck Company wanted to build at the corner of North Franklin  and West Randolph Streets?  The one that they shut down a Walgreens and a Chinese take-out joint to build, but to date nothing has happened?  Well, stuff’s happening; you just can’t see it.

Loop Spy Dan shared a bit of information with us straight from the developer, that one major tenant is already signed up for the building, and when a second one can be brought on board, they’ll be ready to start.  The comment from the Buck Company indicated that it hopes to button up the second deal this summer so that construction can begin in the fall.

This comes immediately after a public meeting for 130 North Franklin was called by 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly.  At this rate the corner of Franklin and Randolph could see two huge new skyscrapers under construction simultaneously just six months from now.

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Location: 151 North Franklin, The Loop


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