Slice of Life: This is How We Skyscraper

The internet is full of angry, terrible people saying mean, horrible things.  It’s a phenomenon that happens because the internet allows ordinary people to say whatever they want with no accountability, and it also gives the voices of sociopaths and lunatics equal footing with the voices of the best people society has to offer.

One of the side-effects I see all the time is “my city is better than your city” arguments.  These kinds of disputes are small and stupid because everyone knows that Chicago is the best city on Earth, right?  Right?

Well, the next time you see someone telling you that Atlanta or Houston or Phoenix is the hot center of construction activity, remind them that even the tallest buildings going up in those cities are so small they wouldn’t even merit a mention in the newspaper if they were to be built here.  Then you can show them this:

150 North Riverside under construction

The Chicago Architecture Blog’s Daniel Schell took this picture the other day.  It shows the 53-story 150 North Riverside, the 52-story River Point, and the 48-story Wolf Point West all rising virtually next to each other along the Chicago River.  Then point out that these are considered moderately-sized buildings for Chicago and that we don’t usually get excited until they hit about 80 stories, like the Wanda Vista Tower happening down the river.

Just be careful not to be so boastful with someone from Dubai.

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