Will a Gold Coast Tower Light Up Our Lives?

111 East Chestnut Street

111 East Chestnut photograph courtesy of Artefaqs Stock Photography

You know how people hate when Chicago’s skyline gets messed with?  Especially since it’s recently become festooned with corporate logos and light-up doodads?  Well, this should put some people’s teeth on edge:


It’s part of an electrical permit for 111 East Chestnut, formerly known as the Élysées Condominiums.   “Élysées” as in the famous Parisian palace, or the more famous Parisian boulevard.  Except that while Paris is the “City of Light,” that means “light” in the intellectual sense.  Not the LED party rope sense.  Let’s hope it looks better than it sounds.

Location: 111 East Chestnut Street, Gold Coast


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  1. Given that this is a residential building, wouldn’t LED lighting cause glare into units’ windows?

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    • Editor

      Maybe. Seems logical. Though I have seen rope lights that are colored black on one side to keep the light more directional. Perhaps that’s what they’re going to do. The whole thing seems very odd to me.

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