At Long Last, Logan Square Will Get its Towers After All

Drawing of the Logan Square Dual Towers

The protracted and angry ballet over the Logan Square Dual Towers is finally over, with the Chicago Plan Commission giving its stamp of approval to the project at 2255 North Milwaukee Avenue.

As it stands now, the development by Rob Buono, designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects, will consist of two “towers,” one 11 stories tall and one 12 stories tall,  with a maximum of 220 residences.  They are joined at the base by a retail and parking podium.  Chicago Architecture Blog reporter Daniel Schell was at the Plan Commission meeting where the project was approved.  He reports that even though the heights were drastically reduced from early plans for the site, a few vocal neighbors are still unhappy with the project, calling it too tall, too dense, and “offensively out of scale”  for its location.

Not everyone is unhappy with the project.  Amid first ward resident objections, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore told Mr. Buono that he’d be happy to have such a development in Rogers Park, and asked the developer to stick around for a chat after the meeting.

Location: 2255 North Milwaukee Avenue, Logan Square


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  1. I swear, some of these NIMBYs are brainless. Opposing a very architecturally and aesthetically beautiful development like this twin tower housing complex and whining that it is too tall and too out of scale makes no sense. Do these backward fools realize that they live in a big, major city that is a major international hub? If they want rinky dink, small scale, half assed development probably they should sell their properties, take their money and go live someplace else. What would these opponents rather have on this site, a vacant, weed filled, littered lot? Boarded up, rundown, one and two story nothing buildings? Suburban style, tacky, low rise townhouses? Some people are just not happy unless they are complaining and that appears to be the case here.

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