Obama Returning to the South Side in Library Form

Drawing of the potential Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum at Chicago Lakeside.

An early drawing of the potential Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum when it was proposed to be constructed at Chicago Lakeside.

The Obama Foundation is officially mum on the subject, but at least five Chicago news outlets from the Sun-Times to WBBM-TV are citing independent sources as telling them that Chicago has been chosen to host the Barack Obama Library and Museum.

The question now is, exactly where will the complex be located.

The University of Chicago’s apparently winning bid calls for it to be built in either Washington Park or Jackson Park.  But as of this writing, nobody has been able to pin down which location is favored.  The library landing in either location is expected to be a massive shot in the arm for the immediate neighborhood.  Between short-term construction jobs, long-term jobs at the museum, and a resurgence in surrounding businesses to cater to the millions of tourists expected to stream into the facility, some wags are measuring the long-term economic impact in the billions.

When an official announcement will be made is anybody’s guess. We’ve seen reports from as early as May 11 to as late as May 23rd.

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