Construction Update
Navy Pier Flyover

Navy Pier Flyover under construction

As spring slowly yields to summer and the phrase “cooler by the lake” starts to sound more like refreshment than punishment, lakeside activities are starting to sound like a good idea.

Also a good lakeside idea — the Navy Pier Flyover, now well underway at the intersection of East Grand Avenue and North Lake Shore Drive in Streeterville.

The Chicago Architecture Blog’s Daniel Schell flew over there the other day to check on construction, and found many of the support pylons are in place and a very long section of the sinuous steel spine is up between Ogden Slip and East Illinois Street.  This is the portion of the bridge that will connect to Navy Pier.   According to CDOT, the rest of the spine will be installed north-to-south, starting at Jane Adams Park and heading down to the slip.


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