Booth Hansen Throws a Curveball in Lake View East

Drawing of 2950 North Sheridan, courtesy of Alderman Tom Tunney

Remember when the design was released for the new skyscraper at 171 North Halsted and the heavens opened up, and there was the blaring of trumpets and harps, and angels descended from the sky, and $18.99/dozen roses sprouted in all the vacant lots across the city of Chicago because finally, finally a tower was going to be built that wasn’t a big tall rectangle on top of a little squatty rectangle?

Well, it’s about to happen again.  In Lake View East.

44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney has released revised drawings of Wirtz Realty’s 19-story condominium building.  Pappageorge/Haymes is out.  Booth Hansen is in.  New specs:

  •  Developer: Wirtz Realty
  • Architecture firm: Booth Hansen
  • Floors: 19
  • Residences: 82 (up from 79)
  • Parking: 113 spaces (down from 200)

The city approved the construction of the building way back in 2008, just as the global economy was collapsing.  Eight months ago the city approved a one-year extension on that approval.  Mathmagicians among you will figure out that Wirtz is running out of time to get started on this project, or it’ll have to start all over again.

Location: 2950 North Sheridan Road, Lake View East

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