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The Rising RIC

Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago under construction

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s new Ability Institute skyscraper at 630 North McClurg Court (formerly 355 East Erie Street) is really starting to look like something.  The Chicago Architecture Blog’s Daniel Schell paid a visit recently and found that it’s quickly becoming a nice, shiny, blue glass tower in the heart of Streeterville.  It’s not as visually tall or imposing as we’d expected, and it looks nice next to Northwestern’s big green heavily fortified verboten lawn across the street.  The design is by San Francisco’s Gensler and HDR out of Omaha.

Drawing of the Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of ChicagoFriend-of-the-blog, Melissa Hoffman, at the Rehabilitation Institute sent out this update:

Steel work and concrete deck pours on the building are substantially complete. The roof deck structure has also been completed, although mechanical equipment and a screen wall will be installed on the roof in the coming months. This will add approximately 25 feet to the final elevation. Exterior windows have been installed through level 22 and the entire building is anticipated to be enclosed by the end of the summer. Interior build outs, including mechanical piping, duct work and drywall, are being completed on various levels throughout the building and will also remain a primary focus in the coming months.

Even though the outside of this building is about to become buttoned up, don’t hold your breath waiting for a grand opening ceremony.  Medial buildings take a lot longer than office or residential building to kit out.  The oversized ribbon-cutting novelty scissors won’t be needed until sometime in 2017.

Location: 355 East Erie Street 630 North McClurg Court, Streeterville

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