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Four East Elm

4 East Elm under construction

It’s not yet a soaring tree in Chicago’s skyscraper forest, but 4 East Elm is slowly growing as erection continues on the edge of the city’s Viagra Triangle district.

4 East Elm under construction, courtesy of @propertiesThe Chicago Architecture Blog‘s Daniel Schell stopped by to fix the cable recently and found that so far, it’s just a lot of poured concrete for the parking garage. But a firm, thick base is needed for this new member of the neighborhood.  That’s because it has to straddle the Red Line trains that plunge through the tunnel deep beneath its southwest corner.

The modestly-sized, but ultra-lux condo building was designed by friends-of-the-blog SCB.   You can tell it’s a super-swish property because the floor plans on its web site show grand pianos among the furniture . Plus, it has just 35 residences across 27 stories, so you don’t have to be a mathmagician to figure out most of them are two to a floor, and the rest are full-floor.   Most of the condos are around 3,500 square feet each, earning it the nickname “Astor [Street] in the Sky.”

It will eventually reach a height of 335 feet, and is expected to open in early 2016.

Location: 4 East Elm Street, Gold Coast

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