Slice of Life: Sky Toilets in Flight / Afternoon Delight

IMG_1182Loop Spy Ann had her cameraphone at the ready when she saw the ceremonial changing of the toilets at Block37.  They’re part of the comfort gear for workers putting up the new residential tower on top of the mall at 25 West Randolph Street.

For those of you who have never built a skyscraper before, it can take a long time to get from the top where you’re working to the ground floor where there may or may not be a privy.  And when you gotta go, you gotta go.  So towers under construction come equipped with port-o-johns so the construction workers can take care of business without too much of an interruption.

That means that every once in a while those honeybuckets have to be emptied, and that’s when you get to see the delicate flight of the toilets — gently soaring across the city skyline.  It’s one of those occurrences, like finding a cat’s whisker or finding a penny on the ground, that happen rarely enough that they are considered good luck.


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