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Hunting in an Urban Outfit

1100 North State under construction

If you’re hunting for the Hunt Club in Viagra Triangle this summer, put away the harpoon.  It’s been replaced by a new building that will soon be the new location of the Gold Coast’s Urban Outfitters at 1100 North State Street.

The Chicago Architecture Blog’s Daniel Schell put on his pith helmet safaried by recently to see how the transformation has gone, and it’s really quite amazing.  The new building’s dark brick exterior is quite sympathetic to the existing architecture of the neighborhood, including the retail podium of the nearby Newberry Plaza and the remaining brown brick retail storefronts up the street.

Still, while the Hunt Club, as a building didn’t quite fit in, its dignified black awnings and blue neon marquee will be missed.  Urban Outfitters does not appear to have any similarly flashy ambitions.

1100 North State under construction

Location: 1100 North State Street, Gold Coast


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