Where to Get Your First Real Taste of the Wanda Vista Tower

Wanda Vista Tower pre-construction

Oh, Wanda. Wherefore art thou, Wanda?

All eyes are on 381 East Wacker Drive these days as everyone from heavy-breathing skyscraper nerds to drooling real estate agents search out any sign that Chicago’s next mega tower might actually be built.  That sign has come.  In the form of a building permit for the Wanda Vista Tower’s sales office.

Wanda Vista Tower rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

There she is — All tall and strong and curvy and Chinese. Just the way we like our Wandas.

The sales office will be carved out of 10,000 square feet of space at the nearby Coast building (345 East Wacker Drive).  The sales office is expected to include the usual office, meeting and display areas, as well as a sample kitchen and a sample bathroom.   There will be a private office area for the private schmoozing of potential customers, and a reception area for group schmoozing of potential customers.

So, when will it be open?  The building permit was issued yesterday, and considering how construction works in Chicago, work probably began last week.  So not too long now.

But a sales office is still not a completed 1,144-foot-tall, 93-story building.  We’ve been down this road before (shakes tiny fist at 1 South Dearborn), and we’ve learned that even building a foundation is no guarantee that the project will be completed  (shakes tiny fist at Fordham Spire).  Heck even building the first 20 stories doesn’t mean we’ll get the other 70+ (shakes tiny fist at Waterview Tower).

Until the steel is up, the glazing is completed, the hotel is open, the residents have had their first Christmas parties, and the Lower Wacker hobos have set up camp beneath the exhaust vents — only then will we consider the possibility that this just might stand a chance of becoming something akin to reality.  Maybe.

Location: 381 East Wacker Drive, The Loop

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