Room With a View: Another Section of Riverwalk Opens

Chicago Riverwalk's River Theater

A few weeks ago, amid mild hoopla, two new sections of Chicago’s downtown riverwalk opened to the public.  This past Friday, Loop Spy Jennifer hit our tip line to let us know that a third section is now open: “The River Theater,” between Clark and LaSalle Streets.

Jennifer’s photos show that the theater does, indeed, have quite a lot of seating.  Plus a few trees to either block the view, or provide shade, depending on where in the theater you’re seated.

The whole notion of a river theater evokes waterskiing ballerinas with pastel-colored rubber hats and big plastic flowers on them.  But it’s not entirely absurd.  It would make a perfect VIP viewing area for the city’s new Great Chicago Fire Festival, if we get the re-do this coming October.  I use the word “if” because the event would be four months away, yet there’s no mention of it on the web site.

Chicago Riverwalk's River Theater

Location: West South Riverwalk, The Loop

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