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These days it’s not enough to have a slick brochure or strategically-placed billboards or windows covered with beautiful architecture pictures from Artefaqs. Today, every new building has to have a video.  And today a little birdie hit our tip line to let us know that the latest Chicago building to get its just-under-five-minutes of fame is No. 9 Walton (9 West Walton Street).

Development company JDL has put together a wistful marketing piece explaining the building, from its mandatory ground-floor retail to its built-in outdoor heaters so you can sit on your balcony a few months longer each year than the ordinary folk.

More importantly, it has an all-star cast, including Mr. JDL himself, James Letchinger.  Also making appearances are James Plunkard, of Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture; interior architect Darcy Bonner, of Darcy Bonner and Associates; and Peter Harris, of O’Brien Harris Fine Fitted Furniture.

The show ends with a promise from Mr. Letchinger that everything in the building will be right because, “I am going to live there.”  And if “I’m not only a spokesman, I’m also a client” can work for the Hair Club For Men, then why not for a condominium tower?

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.56.05 pm


On the topic of promotional videos for new construction, our sister blog, The Los Angeles Architecture Blog, recently posted a video for the renovation of the Westfield Century City that is outstanding, and worth a look.  Put on headphones and crank it to 11.

Location: 9 West Walton Street, Gold Coast

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