▶ Wayback Wednesday: Fly Through the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

The 1893 World Columbian Exposition is one of those defining events in the history of Chicago that people can’t get enough of.  It turns out, even Californians are mesmerized by it.

Back in 2009, a project began at the University of California Berkeley to create a real-time 3D model of the White City.  Dozens of high-resolution still images were created, and several movies.  One of those movies survives on YouTube, and can be viewed above.

Unfortunately, it looks like the project was abandoned around the end of 2012, and many of its more interesting parts exist as video clips in an antiquated format that modern computers ignore.  But if the video above from 2010 whets your appetite, take a look at the project’s web page, frozen in time.

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