Throwback Thursday
A Tiny Sip of the Past

Tiny Lounge - Chicago, Illinois - August, 2005 - 001

When you’ve been publishing a blog as long as we have, you end up with one heck of a photograph archive. Fortunately, the interwebs gave us “Throwback Thursday,” an excuse to re-purpose our snapshots from ten years ago.

Today the wayback machine takes us not to a construction site, but to a neighborhood bar.  The Tiny Lounge (1814 West Addison Street) was a tiny lounge hard against the CTA Brown Line tracks in Lake View.  It was known for its undersized capacity, and oversized bar stools, both of which made it a cozy and comfortable haunt.

The L-adjacent location was a blessing at first, bringing waves of thirsty commuters past its front door on a regular schedule.  But when the Brown Line was modernized, it turned out to be a curse.  The CTA bulldozed the bar in 2006 to make way for a larger Brown Line station.  Tiny ended up moving to 4352 North Leavitt Street, near the intersection of Montrose and Lincoln.

Tiny Lounge - Chicago, Illinois - August, 2005 - 002

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