Is This the Beginning of the End of the Beginning of 151 North Franklin?

151 North Franklin pre-construction

It’s been a quiet few months for the future skyscraper known as 151 North Franklin.  The last we heard about the planned 36-story building at the corner of West Randolph Street and North Franklin was when the developer told Loop Spy Dan that he hoped to button up the financials this summer and break ground in the fall.

Rendering of 151 North Franklin

Rendering of 151 North Franklin

Now Loop Spy Dan has smacked our Tip Line and come through once again, with this photograph of the parking lot at the future construction site, now cordoned off and firmly marked “closed.”

In order for construction of the new John Ronan-designed tower to begin, the old parking lot, a dead Walgreens, and a shuttered fast food shack will have to be torn down.  We checked all of our city hall sources and can’t find any demolition permits issued for that corner yet.  But that may be putting the cart before the horse.  Usually the first major step toward construction is the arrival of some gnarly looking machinery on crawlers or heavy-duty trucks to pierce the epidermis of Chicago and figure out what lies beneath what we see. The closing of the parking lot could be related to that, but then we’re not engineers or architects.  Just silly ol’ bloggers.

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Location: 151 North Franklin, The Loop

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