New Design For Wolf Point South, West Towers — Now With 53% More Awesome

The new logo for Wolf Point.  Brought to you by  the creative team of The Text Tool and Default Settings.

The new logo for Wolf Point. Brought to you by the creative team of The Text Tool and Default Settings.

Wolf Point West is making steady progress towards its final height along the edge of the Chicago River, rapidly obliterating the views of literally dozens of people on the other side of the river, sending property values plunging to near zero overnight, and forcing condo owners to eat Purina Cat Chow to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, up in Connecticut, starchitecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli has been quietly revamping its plans for phases two and three of the Wolf Point project, coming up with a South Tower that is finally worthy of its prominent placement in downtown Chicago.

Some anonymous person dropped a rendering of the new building into our TIP LINE Saturday night, and the center (south) tower has gone from curved and reserved to rough and buff, puffing out its chest and telling the world, “Hey, look at me!”

Wolf-Point-new-anim-350By placing the new rendering in the Bat-Comparitor-o-Matic (results to the right, Boy Wonder), we can see that the new designs for the South and East towers are somewhat (south) and significantly (east) slimmer than before.  Each appears to gain about two floors in height, though that could just be a rendering artifact or mechanical space.  But the center tower, with its pointy pediment and needle is certainly taller than before.  Plus, the new rendering seems to take place on April the 41st, which is the only day of the year when the sun rises from the northwest.

It’s a design reminiscent of the proposal for 451 East Grand down the street.  And both are reminiscent of the art deco masterpiece until recently known as 30Rock.  Just last week, 30 Rockefeller Plaza was officially renamed the Comcast Building, just in case you needed yet another reason to hate Comcast, the infected toenail of the media foot.

Wolf Point East is taking a similar, though more subtle, approach with its massing.  This time with more prominent setbacks on the north and south side.  It also appears to have changed orientation, now facing eastward down the main channel of the Chicago River.

The East Tower lacks the triumphant needle poking up from its center like next door at the South Tower.  That flourish should give rise to hours of debate among skyscraper nerds about how tall the building actually is, and where it ranks in Chicago’s pantheon of tall buildings.

Left: The new Wolf Point West logo.  Right: The cast of the 1963 film It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Left: The new Wolf Point West logo. Right: The cast of the 1963 film It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

In related news, Wolf Point West now has its own little space on Magellan Development‘s web site.  It also has its own new logo.

The skyscraper, designed by friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture, is the only part of the billion-dollar Wolf Point project that actually exists in reality.  The long-anticipated South Tower is phase two of the project, with the East Tower completing the trio in phase three.

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Wolf Point rendering

The new Wolf Point rendering embiggened for your pleasure.

Location: 350 North Orleans Street, River North

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