500 North Milwaukee: One Big Crane, One Big Hole

500 Milwaukee crane

Many a tear were shed along the Milwaukee Avenue corridor as crews spent the spring ripping apart the hallowed edifice in the 500 block at Grand Avenue.

Ok, that’s bunk. As you may recall from the tone of our story back in April, that place even gave eyesores a bad name. It would have surprised no one to see area residents cheering on demo crews as the last few bricks tumbled to the ground.

And gone it is.

The mile-high crane in the sky alerted us to activity of the only kind we love more than demolition: Construction.

Pappageorge Haymes designed the pair of buildings going up here, one on each side of Green Street, north of Grand. The east structure, weighing in at 4 stories and 48 units, is represented in the pictures below as a large gravel pit. Though that’s still more attractive than what used to sit on this lot.

The west tower, where construction has begun in earnest just across Green Street, will boast 14 floors and 179 units. They’ll all sit atop 14,000 square feet of retail space, a nice boost for one of the north side’s busiest and most visible intersections.

Here are the details from the Pappageorge Haymes website, also available in PDF form:

500 North Milwaukee Client: Akara Partners Location: 500 North Milwaukee Avenue

Situated at a prominent intersection along one of Chicago’s primary diagonal thoroughfares, this modern residential complex will consist of a high-rise fronted by a triangular shaped low-rise. The first floor will include 14,000 sq. ft. of commercial space between the two sites and the tower will include garage parking designed to accommodate 122 vehicles and over 50 bicycles. A new pedestrian friendly street with corner retail at both ends will bifurcate the site. The residential lobbies for the two buildings will align mid-block to ease access to the shared amenities, which will include a rooftop pool deck, two large interior amenity spaces, and a roof deck surrounded by plantings and vegetation. The fenestration will include a cleanly detailed rain screen system, natural-finish materials, a variety of modernist window configurations, and recessed balconies painted with a striking accent color. The west facing garage will incorporate a vertical green wall to screen the views of the garage from the adjacent residential projects.

Location: 500 North Milwaukee Avenue, Fulton River District

Author: Daniel Schell

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