The 606 Getting Ready for Hippies, Sunbeams, and Scientists

Drawing of the 606 western trailhead and observatiory

Drawing of the 606 western trailhead and observatiory

Looking for a place to celebrate the next celestial event, but can’t afford to splash out $900 for an economy-class ticket to London, $80 for the train to Salisbury, and $30 for the cab ride to Stonehenge?  Grab your crystals and your patchuli-soaked poncho and head to the west end of The 606

That’s where, starting today, crews will be adding the celestial markers to the trail head feature known as The Observatory.  From the 606 newsletter:

Inlays with the words “solstice” and “equinox” [will be embedded] in the far western end of the Trail near the Observatory. The mainline path around the observatory to the Ridgeway cul-du-sac will be open 95 percent of the estimated two-week time period for the work to be completed. There may be short-term closures of the path for placement of the stone pavers and similar work, but we will try to minimize impact to the main path. The circular path leading up to the top of the observatory, however, will be closed during this work. Crews estimate the process will take two weeks, but it may take a bit shorter or longer depending upon the weather.

While the 606 is a functioning, and very popular neighborhood thoroughfare, it is not quite complete.  A lot of the plants were planted temporarily to keep the soil from washing away, and crews must now replace those temporary plants with permanent, more hardy, species.

Location: North Ridgeway Avenue at Bloomingdale Trail, Logan Square

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