Chicago Gets a Third Architecture Festival This Year

There certainly seems to be a lot of interest in Chicago architecture these days.

The annual Open House Chicago event is less than 100 days away.

And the Chicago Architecture Biennial starts in a little over two months.

But  the third festival of Chicago architecture isn’t even happening in Chicago.  It’s being held almost 7,000 miles away in South Korea’s “Second City,” Busan.

If you know your O’Hare airport moving walkway flag displays, you’ll remember that Busan is Chicago’s sister city on the Korean Peninsula.  That explains their fascination with us.

The Chicago event called Chicago and Busan, Present With Past runs from October 7th to the 18th at Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.  It’s part of the larger Busan International Architecture Cultural Festival.

Chicago Busan Architecture Festival graphic

There’s a lot of tiny text, so click to get the full picture.

The people running the program sent over a one-sheet PDF with virtually no information on it other than a list of sponsors, which includes the Korean Institute of Architects, the Korean Society of Interior Architects/Designers, and the City of Chicago.  Complete with the city seal.

Our query for further information resulted in a pointer to the event’s Facebook page where people from Chicago are encouraged to post pictures of our fair city with a caption.  Doing so enters you into a contest for presumably fabulous prizes.  So, why not?  Show some hospitality to our sister city and share a pic today.

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