Explaining Chicago’s New Active/Shared Streets

A couple of weeks ago we noted that the Chicago Department of Transportation was transforming the busy Argyle corridor in Uptown into an “active street.”  It’s one of a number of unusual steps being taken by CDOT as it strives to lead the nation in 21st-century thinking about mobility.

CDOT, along with most major organizations of its kind, has noticed that the key word in its name is “Transportation.” It’s not the Department of Cars.  So anything from express buses to water taxis to rickshaws are welcome to be part of the transportation solution, as long as those Nikes get people moving.

But an understanding of the whole active street/shared street thing remains elusive.  Fortunately, WTTW television recently took on that challenge on its Chicago Tonight program.  WTTW’s Phil Ponce spoke with 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman, CDOT commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld and the Active Transportation Alliance’s Ron Burke.  You can view the segment below.

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