Streeterville Skyscraper Goes Supermodel: Taller, Thinner

The new residential tower planned for 465 North Park Drive in Streeterville has been revised.

It is now slightly thinner than before, and 535 feet tall. Earlier versions of the plan made public had the building clinking just 513 feet tall. The 22-foot difference on the outside was caused by changes in the inside, where the number of three bedroom residences has been increased.

Putting the previous Pappageorge Haymes rendering and the new version into the Instant Bat Morph-o-Matic shows that even though 22 feet doesn’t seem like very much additional height, the change is dramatic.

Animation of 465 North Park proposals

Animation of 465 North Park proposals

Such a small change in height probably won’t trigger another round of public meetings about this project, but it’s good to see another push toward slimmer, taller towers in Streeterville.

Location: 465 North Park Drive, Streeterville

Disclosure: The author of this article once worked for one of the development partners.

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