Eye on the (Wanda) Vista

It’s not a bulldozer, or a foundation permit, or even a strategically placed port-a-potty, but it’s still a sign that the Wanda Vista Tower is moving right along toward reality.  Magellan Development has started sending out these ads to people it thinks might be interested in living in the planned 93-story supertower at 381 East Wacker Drive.

Wanda Vista solicitation

Wanda Vista solicitation

Wanda Vista Tower rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

Wanda Vista Tower rendering courtesy of Studio Gang

One of those people happens to be Loop Spy Daniel, who forwarded the solicitation to us.  It’s worth noting that Magellan is referring to the residential portion of the Jeanne Gang-designed tower as the “Vista Residences,” slicing out “Wanda,” the name of the richest man in China who just happens to be putting up the billion-or-so dollars the project is going to cost.

There’s also a new web site: VistaTowerChicago.com to go along with it.  It describes the building thusly:

A crystalline form inspired by nature, unlike anything on [sic] the Chicago skyline, with dramatic views, unique interiors, five-star service and no parallels.

It will be interesting to see if the Wanda Group continues to refer to this building as the “Wanda Vista Tower” while Magellan simultaneously flogs it as the “Vista Tower,” since virtually every other building Wanda has built around the world bears its name.

<strong>Location: 381 East Wacker Drive, The Loop</strong>

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