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MiLa Gets Glasses

200 North Michigan under construction

Remember back in the early 2010s when all the pretty girls decided it was cool to wear glasses?  Even if they didn’t have a vision problem, they’d click over to Warby Parker and try to order some granny horns with clear glass in them?

Well, the prettiest new skyscraper in The Loop got new glasses recently, and one of our photographers was there shortly afterward to capture the very very blue wrapped around the base of 200 North Michigan.

Those who were worried about a new skyscraper on this corner sucking up all the light and leaving the intersection of Lake and Michigan even more depressing than it already was need not worry.  MiLa is all light and shiny happiness.  The dark vortex of inky blackness?  Oh, that’s the Illinois Center over your shoulder.  It’s still there, sticking its cartoonish red tongue out at you.

In case we haven’t mentioned it a brazillion times, MiLa was designed by friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture, which has offices just up the hill at Aqua, and way over the hill in Shanghai.  When the tower is complete, it will sport 402 residences above two levels of retail and a hidden parking garage.

Location: 200 North Michigan Avenue, The Loop



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