Construction Update
State & Chestnut Still Not Ripe

1 East Chestnut under construction

Exterior work still progressing at State and Chestnut

A couple of days ago a Chicago Architecture Blog operative buzzed by the new skyscraper at 845 North State Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast to check on the progress of the residential tower.  We were all surprised when the pictures came back showing it still not quite finished.

The building, designed by friends-of-the-blog SCB, was approved by the city in early 2013 and was under construction a few months later.  It’s being developed for Loyola University by Newcastle.  The most recent set of construction photos shows it is almost done, but not there yet.  The tower crane is down, and the remaining exterior work can be done with a cherry picker.

When finished, the 410-foot-tall tower will have 367 apartments across 35 floors.  For details about the neighborhood and amenities, hit the YoChicago page about it.

Location: 1 East Chestnut Street, Gold Coast


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  1. As a resident of the building (one month and counting!) I can tell you that the contractors are MILKING these finishing touches for all they’re worth. The property could have been done weeks ago.

    Also, the retail space might have the 1 E Chestnut address, but the apartment address is 845 N State. Additionally, the name of the building is State & Chestnut, not 1 E Chestnut.

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