Construction Update
4 East Elm

4 East Elm under construction

The apartment building is the king of downtown Chicago development right now.  But there are still a few modest condominium blocks popping up here and there.  One of them is 4 East Elm, the Gold Coast pile that will put its residents in the middle of the action without actually having very many neighbors.

At just 27 stories tall, Four may not have the height of its nearby neighbors, but it still manages to deliver epic views by taking advantage of the geometry of its plot, which allows residents to peer down the sight lines of Chicago’s grid system.  And with just 35 homes, it makes it easier to get to know — or to avoid knowing — your neighbor, as you prefer.

The latest batch of photos from the site show that the first residential floors are just getting their blue glass windows installed, though the entire SCB-designed building still has quite a way to go before reaching its ultimate height of 335 feet.

Location: 4 East Elm Street, Gold Coast

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