After a Decade of Lumbering Progress, Cedar Gets Axed by Viceroy

Viceroy Hotel Cedar

The Cedar Hotel (or Hotel Cedar, depending on how you read its sign) is finally going to be brought into the 21st century. The red brick building at 1118 North State Street has served mostly as a bar for the greater part of a decade. The Chicago Plan Commission has approved a proposal to turn it into a Viceroy Hotel.

Until recently, Chicago already had a Viceroy Hotel — the S.R.O. on Union Park that was recently renovated at a cost of $20 million. That is now known as Harvest Commons (1519 West Warren Boulevard), so don’t get them confused. Feel free to remain confused about why there are three Burnham Buildings in the Loop alone.

The new Viceroy is a mid-sized boutique hotel that will exist mostly in a glassy 18-story tower slotted in behind the Hotel Cedar’s existing facade. Designed by friends-of-the-blog Goettsch Partners, it will have

There have been several plans for the rehabilitation of this old, four-story hotel in recent years, but until now none could get past the scrutiny of the local aldermen or neighborhood groups. The property sits right on busy Viagra Triangle and it remains to be seen how much it’s loading and unloading operations will affect traffic that already moves like platelets through a 300-pound man’s arteries.

The plan may have been helped along by a new face in the neighborhood. The previous plans were stymied by Alderman Brendan Reilly back when this was the 42nd ward, and by former Alderman Bob Fioretti before his failed run for mayor left him without a redistricted 2nd ward to helm. Now it’s Alderman Brian Hopkins overseeing this part of the neighborhood. It’s still early in his tenure, but the approval of a 180-room hotel with a rooftop pool at this location may provide some clues about which way he leans on development issues.

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