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200 North Michigan Tops Out

200 North Michigan under construction

As they say in Wisconsin, “That’s all the further she goes.”

MiLa, the skyscraper formerly known as 200 North Michigan, has topped out.  Loop Spy Daniel hit our tip line to let us know, and it was confirmed by architect Thomas Kerwin over at bKL Architecture.

Like bKL’s other recently topped-out tower, Wolf Point West, MiLa stands impossibly straight and tall, as if peering over a precipice.  But instead of looking down on the Chicago River like at Wolf Point, MiLa gazes on the streams of traffic and pedestrians swirling in the north Loop below.  It’s the kind of building you want on this corner, but didn’t know it until it was built.

Loop Spy Daniel didn’t just visit our tip line.  He came bearing gifts aplenty: New photos of the skyscraper taken from a dizzying height.  Gaze deeply into your screen and enjoy the vertigo.

200 North Michigan under construction

200 North Michigan under construction

Location: 200 North Michigan Avenue, The Loop

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