England and Japan Go All Rock-Paper-Scissors on Michigan Avenue

830 North Michigan Avenue, back in the olden days of 2008.

830 North Michigan Avenue, back in the olden days of 2008.

Ah, 830 North Michigan Avenue. How we remember you fondly as the birthplace of this blog. With a MacBook Pro, eleven cups of coffee, and a flaky T-Mobile data connection we sat in the second-floor windows of the Borders Cafe in this building and churned out our first blog post.

Borders is long gone.  The coffee longer gone.  But the blog continues, and so does 830 North Michigan Avenue, the retail building undergoing yet another renovation.

You’ll remember a few years ago, British retailer TopShop stopped and set up shop in this building, knocking out the walls and replacing them with huge display windows.  Now, after years of anticipation, Japanese fast fashion retailer Uniqlo is opening in the same building.

Loop Spy Jon hit the tip line with the rendering of what the building will look like after its latest renovation.

Uniqlo rendering


You can see the existing TopShop/TopMan store there on the ground floor with all its giant branding.  But what’s this sneaking around the corner from beyond the Columbia Sporting Goods Store?  It’s Uniqlo’s front lobby, which whisks people up to the even-more-heavily-branded fourth, fifth, and sixth floors.  But not to be outdone, that’s still a TopShop sign way way way up at the top to remind people that the British are experts at rochambo.

Location: 830 North Michigan Avenue, Gold Coast

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