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See What the Steelworker Sees at Optima Center

Yesterday we showed you a vertigo-inducing view looking down on the 200 North Michigan Avenue construction site from way up high inside Michigan Plaza.

If that picture didn’t make you barf, this one might do the trick.

Optima Center II under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!)

Optima Center II under construction (Courtesy of YoChicago!) Click to embiggen.

Joe over at YoChicago! sent over this picture he took last Friday when he found himself on the roof of the Optima Center I at 200 East Illinois Street.  Naturally, he leaned over the building’s glassy facade and took a picture of its big brother now being constructed next door at 220 East Illinois Street.

From this height and angle, you can see the new building’s elevator core being formed at the center of the work site. A little farther to the left you can see the chaise lounge chairs where people in the Grand Ohio Condominiums lay to get a bit of sun.  Thanks to the new building going up across the street, this’ll be the last season for that kind of behavior.  At least they’ll still have tennis.

Location: 220 East Illinois Street, Streeterville


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