Slice of Life: Chicago’s Favorite Channel

Main channel, Chicago River (Courtesy of Paul Kulon)

Main channel, Chicago River (Courtesy of Paul Kulon)

Channel nine is Chicago’s Very Own, and channel 11 is your Window To The World.  But by far Chicago’s favorite channel is the main channel of the Chicago River running through downtown. People have coveted the channel for commerce, transportation, inspiration, and its beauty for as long as there has been a Chicago.

This view down the main channel of the river comes to us from Paul Kulon, taken from the 40-somethingth floor of Wolf Point West.  This is the view that people in neighboring buildings fought like alley cats to preserve for themselves.

How long these views will remain the purview of the people who eventually move into Wolf Point West remains to be seen.  Wolf Point South and East are expected to eat some, if not all, of the West tower’s views.

As always, when it comes to views in Chicago, the motto is “Enjoy it while it lasts!”

Location: 350 North Orleans Street, River North

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