111 South Peoria Gets Thumb’s Up; NIMBY Heads Explode Across West Town

Rendering of 111 South Peoria (Courtesy of LG Development)

Rendering of 111 South Peoria (Courtesy of LG Development)

The *pop* *pop* *pop* noises heard across West Town over the Labor Day weekend weren’t people using up the last of summer’s illicit  fireworks.  It was the heads of local NIMBYs exploding as they heard the news that 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett Junior has decided to greenlight the construction of the condo building known as 111 South Peoria.

The project from LG Development has been the subject of an unprecedented level of rancor from local NIMBYs opposed to replacing the surface parking lot across the street from Mary Bartlelme Park with anything other than nothing, or a free community center to which they feel entitled.

DNAInfo broke the news on Friday, and word spread through the neighborhood like the flames from a cow’s freshly-kicked lantern.  While the building still needs to pass a vote of the full Chicago city council, it would be exceptional in modern history for the rest of the city’s aldermen not to vote in step with the local representative, Mr. Burnett.

The residents, the developer, and neighborhood groups went back-and-forth several times revising the building plan.  By the end:

  • The residences were changed from apartments to condominiums
  • The number of residences was reduced from 205 to 95
  • The building height was lowered from 140 feet to 115 feet
  • The pedestrian lobby moved to Peoria Street
  • The rooftop pool and common area was removed

Even before the alderman’s decision, some local residents were making political hay out of the situation.  Expect 111 South Peoria to be a key talking point in the next round of aldermanic elections.

Location: 111 South Peoria Street, West Town


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