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Shuttered in June, the Jewel-Osco at 1210 North Clark Street awaits the wrecking ball.

Shuttered in June, the Jewel-Osco at 1210 North Clark Street awaits the proverbial (or maybe literal) wrecking ball.

Would you like to haul your rubble away in paper or plastic?

Eager Gold Coasters have been waiting to ask that question for months, and now may finally be the time. On Tuesday the 8th, the City of Chicago issued a demolition permit for 1210 North Clark Street that reads, simply, “WRECK AND REMOVE A 1 STORY BRICK BUILDING.” Of course, that would be the site of the shuttered-since-June Jewel-Osco store at Clark and Division. In the photo above, you can see the building as it was a couple of days ago — a forlorn state at best.

Approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in November of 2014, just one day after the last public meeting was held, The Sinclair, as it has been officially dubbed, will be an upgrade to an intersection many feel has become increasingly sore-to-the-eye over the years.

But don’t toss out those coupons just yet, shoppers; the new tower will include a brand-new Jewel store, along with lots of other fine accouterments.  As we detailed for you back in May, here are the particulars of The Sinclair:

  • Address: 1200-1210 North Clark Street
  • Address: 100-130 West Division Street
  • Address: 1201-1209 North LaSalle Street
  • Developer: FRC LaSalle LLC
  • For realsies: Fifield
  • Architecture firm: Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  • Residences: 390
  • Floor Area Ratio: 6.7
  • Parking: 350 spaces
  • Car-sharing spaces: 1
  • Apartment configuration:
    • Studio: $1,900 (52 units)
    • Convertible: $2,175 (120 units)
    • 1 bedroom/1 bath: $2,475 (116 units)
    • 2 bedroom/2 bath: $3,700 (86 units)
    • 3 bedroom/3 bath: $6,600 (16 units)
    • 4 bedroom penthouses on 35th floor (unknown number)
    • Affordable housing units: 39
  • Parking space cost: $215-$275/month
  • Parking garage entrance: North Clark Street
  • Parking garage exits: Via north-south public alley and North Clark Street
  • Loading dock access: Via north-south public alley
  • Commercial space: 55,000 square feet
  • Loading docks: six
  • Height to roof: 390 feet
  • Maximum building height: 420 feet
  • Residential entrance: West Division Street
  • Jewel entrance: Corner of Division and public alley, and corner of Division and Clark
  • New subway entrance on North LaSalle Street
  • Green roof alert! 22,599 square feet on Jewel, 7,074 square feet on residential tower
  • Basketball court on roof of Jewel
  • Pool on roof of Jewel
  • Anticipated start of leasing: September 1, 2016 (They better get moving on that demo work)

NF Demolition of 4333 South Knox Street has been contracted to do the tear-down.

Location: 1210 North Clark Street, Gold Coast


Author: Daniel Schell

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