Transformation of CTA Wilson Station Transports Uptown

CTA Wilson Station

The new elevated rail at the CTA Wilson Station

The CTA Wilson Station has long been a poster child for dirty, smelly, nasty train stops. So in 2014, the Chicago Transit Authority embarked on a $203-million overhaul of the facility, as well as the parallel tracks that carry the Purple Line trains through the Uptown corridor. At present, the Wilson station is not accessible to persons with disabilities. That will change when the new stationhouse adds two elevators for vertical access to the platforms; ramps and wheelchair access at the fare gate and Braille signage. Two of the three new station entrances and exits will be accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As with all worthwhile endeavors, construction has caused the usual delays, what with trains hitting slow zones between Lawrence and Montrose Avenues, and auto traffic being affected my roadwork on Broadway and Wilson Avenue. But upon completion, the circa 1923 station will look shiny and new, and commuters will have something pretty to pass by as they make their way to and from downtown.

We pulled out our Ventra cards and headed up to Uptown for a look at the progress, and found ourselves thankful to have taken public transportation instead of driving. North Broadway looks like it may be awhile before traffic flows normally again.

Location: 4620 North Broadway, Uptown


Author: Daniel Schell

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