Construction Update
Glass More Than Half Full at 360 North Michigan

London Guarantee & Accident Building,  North Michigan Avenue

London Guarantee & Accident Building, North Michigan Avenue

The transformation of the London Guarantee and Accident Building, at 360 North Michigan Avenue, into the LondonHouse Hotel, continues in earnest along Upper Wacker Drive. “Wait”, you say. “What do you mean, ‘along Wacker’ when you just told us it’s on Michigan Avenue?” Well, that’s a legit query.

As part of the LondonHouse remodeling project, what used to be a gap facing the Chicago River between 360 North Michigan and the Club Quarters Hotel (75 East Upper Wacker Drive) is now a 22-story addition designed by friends-of-the-blog Goettsch Partners. That allows the old, 23-story classic, and the new to combine for a 452-room luxury lifestyle hotel, with two floors of upscale retail. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to book your rooms here starting in the Spring of 2016.

We stopped by to have a look at progress, and were happy to see the new tower almost completely enclosed in glass.

Location: 360 North Michigan Avenue, The Loop


Author: Daniel Schell

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