North/Clybourn Area Getting Another Residential Tower

Diagram of 901 Weed

Diagram of 901 Weed

While some parts of Chicago are adding residential towers which attract retailers to serve them, over the last decade the North/Clybourn area has done the opposite — experienced explosive retail growth that’s attracted residential projects.  We can now add another one to the list.

901 Weed Street is proposed to be a 29-story, 407-unit residential building with ground floor retail and restaurant space.  It’s situated across the street from the “SoNo” towers which by their conspicuousness  have become landmarks in the mostly low-rise neighborhood.

The entire project actually includes two other two-story commercial buildings nearby. Since the tower will be joined to one of these low-rise buildings, it gets the Weed Street address even though it’s half a block south.

We’ll focus on the tower for this firehose:

  • Address: 901 West Weed Street
  • Developer: Fremont Square
  • Developer: Weed Street III
  • Architecture firm: RTKL
  • Floors: 29
  • Main tower maximum height: 339 feet
  • Main tower roof height: 326 feet
  • Secondary tower maximum height: 265 feet
  • Secondary tower roof height: 254 feet
  • Net site area: 61,570 square feet
  • Residences: 407
  • Parking: 110 spaces
  • Parking entrance: off West Weed Street
  • Bicycle parking: 50 spaces
  • Loading dock berths: three
  • Residential lobby: off North Fremont Street
Location: 901 West Weed Street, Goose Island


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