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Navy Pier Flyover Flying Along

When completed, the Navy Pier Flyover will offer spectacular views along Lake Michigan.

When completed, the Navy Pier Flyover will offer spectacular views along Lake Michigan.

Work on the Navy Pier Flyover continues in the Streeterville neighborhood, as the Chicago Department of Transportation’s project to ease congestion on the Lakefront Trail moves forward. This summer’s work has been marked not only by the changing infrastructure along the trail, but also by intermittent street closures on Grand, Illinois, and Lake Shore Drive.

Navy Pier Flyover

The sidewalk LFT traffic in both directions must share.

The $60 million project got underway last spring, and completion isn’t expected until 2018. That may seem like a lot of time and a lot of money for a recreational path, but if you’ve ever been on your bike, Rollerblades, elliptical trainer, or just taken a walk on LSD over the Ogden Slip, you know just how tough it can be to navigate humanity on a busy afternoon.

The flyover will eliminate the need for everyone to be on one sidewalk, as well as removing the pedestrian intersections at Grand Avenue and Illinois Street. The Flyover will have an intersection of its own, just to the north of DuSable Park.

When finished, the Navy Pier Flyover will extend from just north of Ontario Street and Ohio Street Beach, south across the Chicago River, with that aforementioned intersection connecting an off-shoot east to Navy Pier, itself. Stairways along the way will allow access for pedestrians, and cyclists, if they’re into carrying their bikes up and down the stairs. We assume bladers will be discouraged from skating down the steps.


Want to earn more about the Navy Pier Flyover? It has its own website.

Location: North Lake Shore Drive at the Chicago River, Streeterville

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