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Concrete is the Key to Building a Hotel Sammitch

108 North Jefferson under construction

Every cook knows that when building a sandwich, condiments are for more than flavor.  Mayonnaise on your bread keeps the tomato juice from making it soggy.  A strategically placed dollop of brown mustard adds friction and makes different types of meat adhere to each other better.

Something similar is happening over at 108 North Jefferson Street where Dagwoods in hard hats are letting the concrete flow like vinegar in a ketchup factory as they assemble the skyscraper that will eventually house both a Hampton Inn and a Homewood Suites.  West Loop Spy Kurt sent in these pictures showing the action.

When complete, the Jupiter Realty project will be 23 stories tall with 338 rooms.

108 North Jefferson under construction

Location: 108 North Jefferson Street, West Loop

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