OHC Offers A Big Weekend Ahead In Chicago For Architecture Buffs

The Monroe Building is just one of the 200 locations featured during this weekend's Open House Chicago.

The Monroe Building is just one of the 200 locations featured during this weekend’s Open House Chicago.

The Cubs are on their way to the National League Championship Series and you can drink hooch at a Taco Bell in Wicker Park.

So clearly, there’s a lot to like about Chicago right now. And, if you’re an architecture buff, you have an embarrassment of riches with the Chicago Architecture Biennial now in full swing, and this weekend, the Chicago Architecture Foundation bonanza, Open House Chicago.

The Foundation succinctly labels the event with the imperative: “200 Cool Places. 48 Hours. Go. It’s Free.”

You’re intrepid Chicago Architecture Blog crew will be out scurrying from one OHC location to another this weekend, so if you see Daniel Schell, our fearless Editor or myself, camera in hand, notepad at the ready, give us a wave or use the Blog’s secret sign. [Swipe your forefinger across your nose, a la Paul Newman and Robert Redford in “The Sting.”]

If this is your first time going to Open House Chicago, you should definitely check out the Foundation’s OHC Site List to help plan your itinerary before heading out.

Keep in mind, along with the perennial favorites on the list, the Foundation can always be counted on to add some new locations. They include:

  • The Aon Center, where you’ll find an awe-inspiring view from the 71st floor.
  • The Sky-Line Club atop the Old Republic Building. The private club also has a great view, and a bar that was originally in England, and then dismantled and brought to Chicago.

Also on this year’s list is the iconic Emil Bach House at 7415 N. Sheridan Rd. The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home is unlike other Wright properties. It sits on a small lot, and its shape gives the house a dynamic quality. It’s one of a series of cubic, geometric, slab-roofed homes designed in the early twentieth century.

Another great option is The Monroe Building at 104 S. Michigan Avenue. The Holabird & Roche-designed building also houses the Pritzker Military Library and Museum. The 1012 building has a granite and terra cotta exterior in Gothic-Romanesque style.

Enjoy the weekend, have fun at OHC and dress warmly!


Author: Bill Motchan

Bill Motchan is a writer and photographer, and a former resident of the West Loop. He can be reached at bill@ChicagoArchitecture.org.

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